Terricciola, City of Wine

Terricciola "Città del Vino"

Our Holiday villa is just 700 metres from the centre of Terricciola. The town of Terricciola is situated on a hill overlooking the the Era river valley.

Once a strategic position for the early inhabitants perhaps but now an ideal centre for the production of local wines from the surrounding Valdera region. In the old town the original air of feudalism lives on with the typical atmosphere of an old country town. One can stroll leisurely through the streets absorbing the atmosphere or cycle along the country lanes passing farms vineyards, olive groves and discover various Etruscan treasures and medieval remnants on the way including Etruscan tombs and remains of medieval castle towers and houses of the once noble. Passing through the town you come to a panoramic terrace on top of the ridge displaying the wonderful panorama of the “Pisane hills”.

Today Terricciola is famous for its wines ( Wine festival: 2nd and 3rd weekend in September). for the authenticity of local agricultural products and for the magnificent scenery and landscape. Why not come and discover the thousand stories from this corner of Italy! Come and taste the wines from the hills, the local dishes and specialities with all the flavoured sauces, the locally produced olive-oil from the olive trees and the cheese still produced using the old traditional methods (recipes).

Shopping & Restaurants

You will find various shops covering everyday needs: Restaurant, Pizzeria, Bars, Chemists, Doctors surgery, Banks, Post office, Shopping centres (1,5 km)


– Seaside approx. 40 km
– Pisa approx. 40 km
– Livorno approx. 44 km
– Lucca 61 approx. km
– Firenze approx. 80 km
– Siena approx. 90 km
– Volterra approx. 27 km
– S. Gimignano approx. 35 km

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The sweeping province and original settlement of Terricciola dates back to the Etruscan and Roman times, evidence whereof can be seen archived on various local graves and tombs (Tomba di Nantia, Tomba di Scannicci, Tomba del Cherubino).

The village derived its name from its medieval fortifications. In latin, Terricciola „turris“ refers to the towers of which some remains can be seen today, for example along the north-west side of the once ancient town walls. Another relic dating back to medieval times is the Parochial church, „Chiesa di San Donato“, which stands at the highest point of the village and was only reconditioned in the 19th century. Just outside the village of Terricciola are further examples of medieval buildings and churches: In Morrona is a romanic abbey church from the 12th century, „Badia di Santa Maria“, which was restored in the 18th century. As too the pilgrimage church, „Santuario della Madonna di Monterosso“ by Castelvecchio where inside frescoes dating back to the 19th century adorn the inside.

In the 12th century the commune of Terricciola became property to the Bishop of Volterra and from then on a playing field for the republics of Florence and Pisa for 200 years following on. This history can be seen today reflected on the village’s coat of arms, the florentine lily and the cross from Pisa united. In 1406 Terricciola was finally claimed and became the domain of Pisa. The „Villa Gherardi del Testa“ which is situated on the edge of the village, is a testimony to this, once the country residence of a noble family from Pisa dating back to the 17th century.

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