Loyalty Bonus + Early Booking Discount (*)

For returning customers to our agency we offer a bonus combined with an early booking discount for all bookings made by the end of 2012 for the following year 2013 or by the end of 2013 for the following year 2014. Minimum total price per booking 700 €:

Total price from 🚼 to ԁ.499
30 € Bonus + early booking discount
Total price from ԁ.500
50 € Bonus + early booking discount

Loyalty Bonus (*)

For returning customers to our agency we offer a loyalty bonus for all bookings made in 2013 for 2013 and with a minimum total price per booking of 700 €:

Total price from 🚼 to ԁ.499
20 € Bonus
Total price from ԁ.500
30 € Bonus

Contact us for info: : es@in-toscana.de+49 89 123 92 998,  +49 176 49657909

(*): These offers apply whether you choose to book our property again or to book a different one offered by one the following booking agencies. That's an agreement between the Holiday Villa "In Toscana" and the following booking agencies:

Toscana Forum
Toskana mit Hund
Sardinien Sardinia
Sizilien Forum

Holiday Villa "In Toscana", a villa with character and charm!
Holiday apartments with pool and garden in the heart of the Tuscan countryside
Via dei Poggiarelli, 9 - I-56030 Terricciola (Pisa, Italy)
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